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In Facebook will appear unusual news

В Facebook появится необычная лента новостей It will be just publishing the pages.

The social network Facebook added a new feature – a section Explore. In the Russian-speaking interface it’s called “the Tape “Interesting”. The product displays the selected social network page.

About it with reference to the publication TechCrunch.

Reportedly, at the moment the user Facebook open in the ribbon, message friends and communities, which he signed. Depending on settings, it can also display the messages that were evaluated, noted or commented on his friends in the social network. With this, you have two renderers, which are ranked either by newness or popularity.

In the new news feed, the user will be able to evaluate the records of account holders and the communities in which he didn’t sign up earlier. The content is chosen according to the interests and is not yet is. The second feed includes a publication, similar to those that previously liked you and your friends on Facebook. In addition, according to the publication, they may be selected based on geolocation. In future, the tape will be the tape of the second level that Facebook will be able monetizirovat, specifies the edition. The overall goal, according to journalists, is to increase the time that a user spends on the social network. This will allow Facebook in the future to place more ad units between posts, photographs and videos users.

In order to see the innovation, the user needs to select the appropriate channel in the menu of mobile application Advanced. In the desktop version of society to find a feed of recommendations in the section “Interesting”.

“We are starting to deploy the tape from popular articles, video and photo, automatically adapts to user preferences”, — said the representative of Facebook. He explained that users want to easy way to browse interesting content of the pages to which they still did not come.

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SMM-Director of marketing platform Boompublic Roman Taramykin believes that the innovation will allow to almost 2 billion users of the social network to break out of the “bubble filter”, i.e. a situation when excessive personalization makes it impossible to expand their horizons and focus on new things beyond the usual news sources.

“At the same time, new information is separated from the main news feed, because the posts from the pages that the user is not signed will not “break” him in the usual social networks,” — said the interlocutor of Forbes.

The head of “Gazprom-media technologies” Vadim Fedotov sure that Facebook is trying to create a Recommender system based on Big Data and machine learning to increase the amount of useful content to the user outside of their current ecosystem, but in an understandable environment.

For advertisers, he said, is an attempt to create in the future additional a new platform for “targeted, more native advertising with the expected greater conversion and less toxicity to the audience.”

“It is worth noting that the real effective global system of recommendations on the market yet,” he says.

Facebook is experimenting quite often: that the tape itself changes, its design, the principle of ranking, so in my opinion it was nothing revolutionary, skeptical Alexey Zharkov, founder of community Business Family and service automation sales BINDX.

In an interview with Forbes, he notes that news content has become one of engines of development of the network, and many use Facebook largely for the sake of it.

“The new decision confirms the early success of the chosen strategy. The purpose is purely economic — to increase the length of sessions and pageviews, in addition to reading your feed, man prostrelil news of interest to all,” he predicts. Zharkov recalled that Facebook and already has extensive tools for advertisers, so he doubts that innovation will help in the promotion of most goods and services.

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According to SMM-Director-marketing platform Boompublic, the introduction of the second tape to the web version of Facebook, after a long testing in the mobile version — a move expected and correct. Interlocutor Forbes believes that the innovation will allow the social network to increase the time that it spend users.

“For advertisers is a great opportunity to show additional advertising — they have, in fact, a new platform based on already existing,” he says.

Freelance social media Andrey Frolenkov believes that the social network Mark Zuckerberg with tape “Interesting” tends to differentiate content that is in the top. “But it is strange that they have this “rocket” (theme tape) desktop does not pushout and stuffed in such a jungle,” he notes. Speaking about how the innovation will affect the advertising, the source, Forbes concludes that the social network probably won’t “pour more money”, because the “raw product”.

“To be honest, didn’t realize the value for users. First and foremost Facebook is about posts of friends, acquaintances and colleagues. It is because they formed your news feed. And what I write and post other I’m not interested”, – said Artyom Kudryavtsev, digital creative Agency GREAT. Thus, according to the interlocutor Forbes, this scheme trends suitable for Instagram and Youtube, because there is a user “on the contrary looking for something new.”

SMM-Director of marketing platform Boompublic with such position do not agree. “Given the fact that many competing social networks (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram (although it also belongs to the company Facebook), Pinterest, the mobile version of “Vkontakte” and several others) already have a similar feature, it also allows Facebook to reduce the outflow of young people,” he said.

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