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In Europe, saw a unique six-wheeled LUAZ

В Европе видели уникальный шестиколесный ЛуАЗ You have in life to see triaxial LUAZ?

But such a car does exist and its owner lives in Bulgaria.

Of course, it is not about production batch, the car is specially lengthened and equipped with the additional chairs, so it is convenient to carry tourists. We must assume that the transport from the hotel, located on the second or third coastline, the nearest beach on the coast.

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The car has a convertible top, very large side Windows and is equipped with six wheels. Not without a beautiful modern hubcaps and bumper. Bright color of car attracts attention.

It can be assumed that the exclusive LUAZ front-wheel drive, because otherwise the owner would have to spend on the production of an elongated propeller shaft, and it entails a too big financial costs.

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В Европе видели уникальный шестиколесный ЛуАЗ

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