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In Europe completely stop producing computers

В Европе полностью перестанут выпускать компьютерыIn Europe will close the last manufacturing plant of computers

In 2020 in Augsburg, Bavaria, close the factory Fujitsu, which is the last computer manufacturer in Europe.

“The last factory in Europe that manufactures notebooks and desktop computers, will close in 2020. The closure of the plant of the Japanese company Fujitsu in the German city of Augsburg will affect 1,500 employees,” the statement reads.

It is noted that threatened 300 jobs in plant-related companies of Germany. The development, collection and logistics will move to Japan.

Now between management and employees there are negotiations about the subsequent fate of the workers who will lose their jobs due to the closure of the plant.

Fujitsu representatives said that the plant in Augsburg who was involved in the production of laptops and devices for information storage, is the latest plant of this kind in Europe. Currently, the production of computers is dominated by Asian firms: Asus and Acer from Taiwan and Lenovo from China, Samsung and LG from South Korea. Competition they are the only three big American giant of the computer industry: Apple, Dell and HP.

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