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In Ethiopia discovered a unique find

В Эфиопии обнаружена уникальная находкаFound the most ancient “art gallery”

According to data published in the journal “PLoS One” recently Spanish archaeologists, who conducted excavations in Ethiopia discovered a cave, which is found in the ancient “art gallery”. As it turned out the drawings it was applied for 4.5 thousand years.

Experts from the University of Barcelona, a long time working on paintings from the cave and studying the colours in which they were written and the remains of which, and also something resembling a brush, was found in this cave, came to a very interesting conclusion. According to them, the paint for quite a long period remained practically unchanged, which suggests that people were passed from generation to generation the knowledge of mixing paints and the correctness of their application. And most importantly, the age of the paintings extant, according to scientists, is not less than 60 thousand years.

Although previously, it was assumed that cave art appeared only in our region, about 45 thousand years ago. But gradually the archaeologists found all over the planet and more ancient paintings. Especially when you consider that Africa has been inhabited for many thousands of years ago, it can be assumed cave paintings existed from those times, just in connection with very humid climate they quickly collapsed and now lost to science. The oldest find is a shell Mollusca used for breeding ochre about 150 thousand years ago.

Therefore, it can be argued that rock art originated approximately with the appearance of man and science of breeding the ochre was passed from generation to generation.

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