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In Estonia found the body of a mysterious submarine

В Эстонии нашли корпус загадочной подлодки The wreckage of the submarine found at the end of 2017.

Estonian underwater archaeologist Vello Mass, who visited the place of discovery of the sunken submarine of the Second world war to the North of Naissaar, believes that we are talking about the submarine “Sch-317”.

The hull of the sunken substrates was discovered by a research ship Jakob Prei of the Department of waterways of Estonia at the end of 2017.

Conducted sonar research has shown that this may be a Soviet submarine of a class “the Pike”. The hull of the boat was found is, according to preliminary data, 57-59 m long, 6-7 m wide, 7 m high, the report said.

It was suggested that it might be the submarine Kalev, built in the UK for pre-war Estonia and after joining in 1940 the country into the Soviet Union became a ship of the Soviet Navy. Her search continued after the restoration of Estonia’s independence in 1991, but to no avail.

Mass visited the place of discovery of the submarine. Was launched underwater robot minesweeper Ugandi, but it still failed to define exactly what kind of ship, as was not detected its hull number. However, after studying the available data podwodny archaeologist stated categorically that it was not Kalev.

While the collected information is not sufficient, but the Department of waterways of Estonia suggest that, rather, it is one of the three, is still not found, dead in these waters, Soviet submarines: “U-302”, “U-308” or “Sch-317”.
Mass believes that this is most likely the submarine “Sch-317”, who by the summer of 1942 one of the most famous Soviet submarines in the Baltic.

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