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In England under the earth found a unique ancient temple

В Англии под землей нашли древний уникальный храмIn England under the earth was recently discovered by 700-year-old temple belonging to the ancient times to the knights Templar.

The finding recorded in the Western part of the country.

In the West of England managed to accidentally discover an underground temple, which in ancient times belonged to the knights Templar. Discovery found in one of the ancient underground caves.

The approximate age of the discovered temple is somewhere around 700 years. The temple itself has quite a unique interior design architecture and consists of a large number of elaborate arched entrances and exits. The cave found under the fields of Shropshire. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Scientific experts admitted that they were struck by the fact that the temple remained in almost perfect condition, considering its age. Moreover, it is very strange that he daily passed hundreds of people, none of them were not even aware of its existence, but nevertheless the find is real historical value.

In the inner part of the temple, scientists found many human remains in the form of skulls and skeletons. However, who they belonged to, the researchers at the moment could not be established, as well as the purpose of the specified Church.

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