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In England the iPhone killed its owner

В Англии iPhone убил своего владельцаiPhone fell in the tub and killed his owner.

32-year-old London resident Richard bull died from electric shock from the fallen in the bath iPhone connected to the charger.

About the incident told the wife of the deceased who called the ambulance.

When she found him, on the chest and hands of a man was visible black spots caused by severe burns. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

They seem harmless devices, but can be dangerous in the bathroom as, for example, a Hairdryer. Dr Sean Cummings, who conducted the medical examination.

Cummings intends to demand from Apple to the inclusion in the instruction of the paragraph warning of such danger.The pictures for iPhone fell in annapo preliminary data, bull left iPhone on the charger, connect the extension cord to the outlet.

Since the smartphone was charging, falling into the water, he killed his owner.

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