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In England made possible the birth of children from “three parents”

В Англии стало возможно рождение детей от "троих родителей"The first child from the “three parents” in the UK will be born by the end of 2017

The British Department for embryology and artificial insemination (HFEA) approved the birth of children from three parents: two women and one man.

According to scientists, this step will prevent the birth of children with severe genetic diseases.

Some families lost several children because of incurable mitochondrial diseases. Similar diseases are transmitted only through the maternal line, so the use of donor eggs to prevent their development. The first to offer the innovative procedure will be the doctors from Newcastle who have developed a revolutionary way tripartite in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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According to experts, the first child from three parents will be born by the end of 2017. See also: Scientists have managed to rejuvenate human stem cells Method of “three parents” is to transplant the mitochondrial DNA from a woman donor into the egg of the mother. As a result, the child receives mitochondrial DNA from a third party. Scientists believe that it allows to avoid the influence of mutations on the mother’s side.

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