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In England have found a unique ancient gold jewelry

В Англии нашли уникальные древние золотые украшенияIn the UK, found the ancient gold jewelry of the Celts

In the British County of Staffordshire archaeologists have found gold jewelry of the Celts, which are more than 2,5 thousand years.

Ancient treasure found two friends, Joe Kania and mark Hambleton when using a metal detector on one of the farm fields. Three necklaces and a bracelet were found at shallow depth in meter from each other. Decorations date from about 400-250 years BC.

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Curator of British and European iron age collections at the British Museum Julia Farrelly stated that this finding is of international importance.

They are, perhaps, the earliest gold products of the iron age, discovered in Britain, she said.

Verl also stressed that Torquay (Celtic necklace) could wear rich women or people from the continent that entered into a marriage with someone of the locals.

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Archaeologists who found the jewelry, said he will share the reward for the treasure with the home team, which found the treasure.

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