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In England, “from the dead” returned manual lizard

В Англии "с того света" вернулась ручная ящерицаThe members of the family were unusual glad revive pet.

A resident of the UK buried in a box in the garden, his dead hand a lizard. To the surprise and joy of the hostess, after five weeks, the animal was revived itself out of the ground. As it turned out, the lizard is not dead, but has gone into hibernation, but veterinarians were unable to determine.

42-year-old Rachel Haspel from the town of Northwich in Cheshire acquired bearded argama Nala in July 2016, after its previous lizard died of old age.

One day in may 2017, the woman discovered the reptile in the aquarium breathless. Rachel tried to make reptiles artificial respiration, but to no avail. The hostess took Nala to the vet, who told her that the animal died. In the end, Rachel’s dad buried a lizard in a cardboard box in the garden of their house at a depth of about thirty inches.

A woman who suffers from bipolar disorder, was extremely upset by the death of their pet. In addition, shortly from the events described Rachel also lost a cat.

To the surprise and amazement of the Brits in a few weeks her family found a lizard in the garden alive. Reptile woke up in a box and somehow got out through a layer of the earth. Subsequent examination by a vet showed that the lizard was perfectly healthy.

As it turned out, Nala just hibernate. A condition in which all body processes slow down, regularly observed in lizards. The clinic’s representatives explained that the Cash found dead as bearded Agam practically hibernate before reaching one year of age.

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