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In electric cars found unpleasant feature

В электрокарах нашли неприятную особенность This function have many brands of cars.

In China electric cars every 30 seconds, sent to the authorities with detailed information about the exact location of a vehicle, its speed and direction.

As it turned out, such software is embedded in the electric cars of almost all manufacturers, including and the American.

Recently China’s President XI Jinping has intensified tracking of its citizens, and electric vehicles him in this only help.

Without the consent of the future owners of companies like Tesla, Volkswagen, BMW, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Nissan and Mitsubishi have included in its electric cars programme, which transmit huge amounts of information about the drivers of Chinese authorities.

“I didn’t know that. Tesla may collect such data, but why they pass them to the government? This applies to privacy,” said the owner of the Tesla Model X Shan Junhua.

In my defense, the automakers say just observe the Chinese laws which are applicable only to machines on electricity.

Representatives of the Chinese authorities explain such data collection is necessary to improve the security of citizens, promotion of industrial development and infrastructure planning, as well as prevent fraud.

In 2016 there is the following data transmission system – the electric vehicle collects information and sends it to the manufacturer, then the company not less than 61 point sends data to the local centers, which are controlled by the authorities.

The experts have already managed to criticize this practice. They say that to achieve the objectives which they say the authorities transferred a lot of data and now we are talking about surveillance of citizens.

“You will learn a lot about the daily activities of people, and it becomes part of what I call ubiquitous surveillance, where almost everything you do is recorded and stored and can potentially be used to affect your life and your freedom,” said former Secretary of the Department of homeland security under President George Bush Michael Chertoff.

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