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In Ekaterinburg “mined” dozens of buildings

В Екатеринбурге "заминировали" десятки зданийBecause of tricks of the phone pranksters hundreds of local residents had to be interrupted from his work.

In Ekaterinburg from-for false phone calls about mining on Friday were evacuated more than a hundred buildings.

First around noon, were evacuated as the building of the regional government on October square.

Then the people brought out more of a number of administrative buildings: ministries of construction, education and state property management, the pension Fund, tax Inspectorate of the Kirov and Chkalovsky districts of the Kirov district court.

The evacuation was subjected to dozens of schools in different parts of the city. In addition to them, students were evacuated to the Urals state University of Railways, state law University, state agrarian University, Institute of communications, College of transport construction, road and Urals College cadet corps.

In the evening had evacuated the building South of the bus station. In addition, people began to withdraw from shopping centres and cinemas, including the largest in the city concert hall “salute”.

Night wave of evacuations spread to the hotel: the guests withdrew from hotels “Onegin Plaza” and “Vis”.

The evacuation also took place in cities Ekaterinburg, Verkhnyaya Pyshma and Berezovsky, the village of Mountain Shield.

Since September 11 in various cities throughout Russia after calls of “telephone terrorists” are the mass evacuation of office buildings, shopping centers and schools. The alleged damage from the calls may amount to about one billion rubles.

Last week in the whole of Russia due to false calls about bombs , with reports of explosions concerned about thousands of buildings in over 80 cities across the country.

Most of the calls about bombs allegedly supplied from the territory of Ukraine, according to sources of Interfax. The sources of RIA of “news”, in turn, said that the call is “Islamic state”. According to interlocutors RBC, the calls are made from IP addresses from Brussels and for them might be “international hacker group” that would soon need the money for the termination reports of explosions.

Searches “the telephone terrorist” in addition to police officers conduct field investigators regional UFSB, and also specialists of subdivisions of the Central apparatus of the security services to fight terrorism, countering cybercrime and the protection of the constitutional order, reported “Kommersant”.

Several people were detained. However, they were imitators, who reported about mining, learn about the mass phone attack from the media and social networks. Unlike the organizers of the rally, they used regular phones, not IP telephony.

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In particular, in the environment in Volokolamsk near Moscow, was detained 17-the summer local who have “mined” by phone the sports Palace. Concerning it criminal case under article 207 of the criminal code (knowingly false report about an act of terrorism).

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