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In Egypt, scientists have made the Grand opening

В Египте ученые сделали грандиозное открытиеArchaeologists have found a city of monks, of which 1.5 thousand years.

Scientists have discovered a huge monastic complex near the city of Minya, the find dates back to V century ad.

Archaeologists have found many burial chambers, whose total area is 3500 square meters. In addition, scientists have unearthed the remains of monastic houses, made of clay.

“This fact suggests that the archaeological site near the (monastic) necropolis of al-Nassar was a complex of monks,” says the head of the Department of antiquities of Egypt Gamal El-Seestani.

During the excavations, which lasted eight years, the researchers found many household items. This, according to them, will help to reconstruct the daily life of the first Christian monks.

It is believed that Christian monasticism appeared in Egypt around the beginning of the IV century BC. The Church recognizes him as the founder of St. Anthony the Great.

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