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In Egypt have discovered an ancient unique artifact

В Египте обнаружили древнейший уникальный артефактSpecialists and Egyptologists have found the oldest Egyptian writing.

The size of the detected characters are impressed by workers at Yale University and the Belgian Royal Museum of art and history.

Inscriptions Dating back to the 3 Millennium BC. The age ranged between 5 to 5.2 thousand years. Inscriptions have been found at the ancient Egyptian city of El-KAB. On the wall are preserved samples of the most ancient literature of the Country of the pharaohs – the early Chinese characters, which were much larger than the well-known hieroglyphic signs letters later age. Egyptologist John Darnell saw this as proof that ancient Egyptian civilization has invented its own unique writing system.

On the wall, archaeologists found was a primitive image of an elephant herd. There was also a painted elephant with a small elephant inside. Darnell believes that it is the most ancient image of a pregnant species of the existing. Scientists believe that the image appeared 4000-3500 thousands of years ago. Archaeologists have unearthed another panel. It was a picture of all four characters, but their size was impressive. The table was at a height of 0.7 meters , and the characters reached half a meter. The inscription reads from right to left.

The hieroglyphs depicted the head of a bull, and ended the series with a depiction of an IBIS – the sacred bird of the Egyptians. For comparison, previously discovered signs in height was no more than two inches. According to Darnell, this suggests that the Egyptian writing system evolved much faster than commonly believed, and served not only for bureaucratic purposes.

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