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In Egypt have discovered a tomb with the unusual mummies

В Египте обнаружили гробницы с необычными мумиямиEgyptian archaeologists have found nearly a dozen mummified cats in the tomb of the Fifth dynasty pharaohs.

Scientists have uncovered seven previously unknown graves found over the last six months on the outskirts of the complex of pyramid of Pharaoh Userkaf in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, South of Cairo. Centuries of Sakkara served as the necropolis for Memphis the capital of ancient Egypt.

One of them, the nobleman decided after the death to surround yourself with Pets: in the tombs found dozens of mummified cats, a gilded wooden statues of these animals, as well as a bronze statue of the Egyptian goddess of cats Bastet.

In addition, in one of the tombs found two sarcophagi with mummified beetles-scarabs, which the Egyptians used as amulets.

In the tomb also found wooden painted Cobra and crocodile sarcophagi, a collection of gilded statues depicting animals, as well as many artifacts – amulets, utensils, writing instruments and baskets of papyri.

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