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In Egypt found the tomb of the unknown Pharaoh

В Египте нашли гробницу неизвестного фараонаWall has not allowed to break the ancient tomb.

Researchers from the University of Birmingham have found a rich burial ground, where probably lie the remains of the Pharaoh, whose name is not yet established.

The British unearthed the burial, the officials called Harkhuf and Hekab. However, it turned out that underneath lies the tomb of the age of 4200 years, of Ancient kingdoms. I suppose that in it lie the Pharaoh.

The tomb was discovered in the Northern part of the ancient cemetery West of Aswan, near the hill of qubbet El-Hawa. It is interesting that the burial is very close to the trail for tourists.

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When clearing a two-meter wall, scientists scientists have found that ancient fence served as a backup for the other tomb is much more rich. In the burial were the remains of an unknown to the historians of the Pharaoh period of the old Kingdom.

“These findings dramatically alter our understanding of the funerary landscape in this area during the old Kingdom and the first period of the Interregnum with the 2278 to 2184 BC. However, we have yet to know who exactly belonged to the tomb,” – said expedition member, graduate student Carl graves.

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Egyptian archaeologists, in turn, has called the discovery “amazing”. In the spring of 2017 to begin large-scale excavations.

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