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In Egypt found an ancient city aged seven thousand years

В Египте нашли древний город возрастом семь тысяч лет  Researchers have found the remains of huts, pottery and tools of stone

Archaeologists have discovered in Egypt town by the age of seven thousand years. It was built approximately in the year 5316 BC. The city is located near the temple of SETI I in Abydos.

During excavations, researchers have discovered fragments of huts, pottery, tools of stone and 15 major graves. According to scientists, the size of the graves indicates the high social status of people who were buried in them.

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Archaeologists suggest that the city could inhabit high-ranking officials and builders of the tombs that were involved for the construction of tombs for the ruling class in Abydos, which was the capital in the early history of Egypt.

Earlier it was reported that archeologists found a completely preserved village from the bronze age. According to the archaeologists, the settlement was built in the year 1000-800 BC. In the village was discovered pots of preserved food and clothing of its inhabitants. In addition, archaeologists have found a rare glass beads, small cups, bowls, and banks.

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According to the researchers, the village is so well preserved that it is possible to detect even traces of people that lived in it.

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