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In Egypt, discovered a mysterious artifact

В Египте обнаружили загадочный артефактThe find is dated by the year 3250 BC.

Scientists from Yale University and the Royal museums of art and history found in Egypt of a previously unknown cave paintings, including the oldest “monumental” hieroglyphs, whose age is estimated at 5200 years.

According to the researchers, this finding allows us to trace the formation of writing of the Egyptians. Scientists have discovered four images which date from about the year 3250 BC. The signs were written from right to left and include a bull head on a short stick, two Nile stork and wood IBIS. This sequence was widespread in later inscriptions and is associated with the solar cycle. In addition, according to the researchers, it can also symbolize the Royal power over an ordered space.

The height of each sign is approximately two feet. As the scientists, the height of such signs that have been previously discovered, was only two centimeters.

Archaeologists also found an image of a herd of elephants, inside one of which was a baby elephant. According to researchers, the picture was taken 3.5-4 thousand years ago and is the oldest image of a pregnant female animal.

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