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In Egypt arrested the photographer for the staged shooting “wounded children of Aleppo”

В Египте задержали фотографа за постановку съемки "раненых детей из Алеппо" “Blood” is seen as security officers, were ordinary paint.

It became known that in Egypt, police arrested a man for shooting staged shots with the involvement of children, issued in social networks photos of the devastation and injuries in Aleppo, Syria.

The crew included assistant photographer, parents of young actors, was arrested in the province of Port said.

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According to the publication, police were able to witness the filming process, which took place on the ruins of demolished according to the decision of the authorities illegal construction. Attention accidentally passing by law enforcement officers caught the sight of an underage girl in a bloody white dress with a white Teddy bear in his hands. Plush toy also was stained with red spots. “Blood,” as immediately convinced of the security forces, were common paint.

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After a short investigation and viewing of the band, the photographer told police that he had intended to post these pictures on social networks, giving them a footage from Aleppo.

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