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In Egypt and Turkey Ukrainian tourists often run the risk of becoming victims of fraud

В Египте и Турции украинские туристы часто рискуют стать жертвами обманаScams associated with changes previously booked hotels for cheaper.

To earn a dishonest Agency deceive Ukrainian travellers.

Often travel companies cancel reservations and occupy people in the cheaper hotels. What serves it as a gift from the company. The difference in price put it in his pocket. The fact that tourists were deceived, it becomes clear later. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to deceived the travelers, Scam popular hotels in Egypt and Turkey. The money they earn also on resales reservation. So, if a foreigner bought a cheap package tour and someone else is willing to pay for a bigger room, then the administration cancels a pre-order. Tourists with a fait accompli and impose cheaper options.

However, there are cases when the pre-reservation may not know even the travel Agency.

“It’s called resale outside the hotel when even the travel agent doesn’t know what will change living conditions. The representative of the receiving party reports that now happened, the hotel had resold the order. But the receiving party shall settle you at the hotel of the same level”, – said the expert of the tourist market Eugene Pidhaine.

But in reality, hotel-alternative is unlikely to be the best.

According to experts, to insure against the substitution of the hotel difficult. Therefore, I advise you not to accept the alternative proposal and to immediately inform their travel agent. You have every right to claim settlement in equivalent hotel or even with the best living conditions.

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