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In Egypt 11 football fans were sentenced to death. Video

В Египте 11 футбольных фанатов приговорили к смертной казни. ВидеоFootball fans sentenced to death over riots in the stadium.

An Egyptian court confirmed the death sentence handed down earlier football fans involved in the country’s largest riots that occurred at a football match. The incident occurred in February 2012 in Port said during the match between “al-Masri” and “al-Ahly”.

11 accused sentenced to death by hanging (one in absentia). 10 sentenced to 15 years in prison, nine – to 10-year-old. 13 people will spend in prison for five years, including two police officers and one employee of the club “al-Masri”. 12 defendants were acquitted.

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We will remind that after the match, the radical fans of club “al-Ahly” broke into the field and tried to attack the opposite podium, on which sat the supporters of the club “al-Masri”. The fans are in a panic trying to break through to the exit from the stadium, in the resulting stampede and numerous fights was lost more than seven dozen people, various injuries and injured about three hundred fans. The majority of the victims were fans of “al-Masri”.

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