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In Ecuador, found a cave with ancient glowing artifacts

В Эквадоре нашли пещеру с древними светящимися артефактами Scientists have been unable to identify the origin of over 300 stone products.

A treasure of unique and ancient artifacts were found by the expedition of Elias Sotomayor. In a remote mountainous area in the South-East of Ecuador was the 90-meter tunnel, which travellers unexpectedly found more than 300 ancient stone products.

This finding caused the researchers a lot of questions. All of these pieces are performed with incredible accuracy, and some of them glow in ultraviolet light, a mysterious bluish glow. Why is this miracle happening and what materials were used for making luminescent masterpieces, scientists can not say until now.

It turned out that none of the artifacts were not made from any known local culture. Carved on the stone signs and symbols related to the earlier Sanskrit. That is incredible, because the ancient literary language of India has no relation to the American continents and relates more to the cultures of Asia, Europe and North Africa, there is even a view that the greatest kinship of Sanskrit with the Russian language.

One of the products of this fantastic finds is a miniature pyramid, topped with the image of a human eye and therefore immediately arose the idea of the connection of the symbolic subject of the mysterious Illuminati. Its height is just 21 inches, and its similarity with the famous symbol on the dollar is simply amazing.

Another surprising discovery was the figure depicting the king Cobra. However, what is interesting: these snakes have never lived in America, so how do learn about them here the ancient people is another secret behind seven locks. Besides, statues of the pyramid and Cobra glow under ultraviolet light. Modern science knows a lot of minerals that can do this, however, mankind began to use them for such purposes only at the end of the 20th century. It turns out another mystery…

In the cave also were bowls of jade, made with a perfect surface finish. This leads men of science to the idea that the ancient masters possessed tools similar to modern lathes.

But back to UV light, as if to Shine them on some of the artifacts found, we can see the impressive map of the sky. Experts have determined that it is, for example, depicts the constellation Orion, the stars Pollux and castor in the constellation Gemini, the star Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus, and much more.

It remains only to guess why ancient craftsmen were so interested in this region of the sky. Maybe they saw something unusual, we do not see today, are we? But more importantly, how they managed to capture all of this in the mysterious stone of unknown to us origin?..

Unfortunately, to determine the exact age of the striking treasure is not possible. Scientists report that it is at least 17 thousand years. But if you say 17 million, may also not go wrong…

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