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In Dubai robots will replace cops

В Дубае роботы заменят полицейскихIn Dubai by 2030 will create a full-fledged police station work which will be only robots.

It is reported that according to the plans of local law enforcement, in 2030 the fourth part of the police will be robots.

At the moment the police service took up only one such policeman. The robot was designed by a firm from Spain PAL Robotics.

New law enforcement officer – humanoid, whose height is 1 meter 67 centimeters. It has a head, two arms, and the screen sensor in the chest. The movement is provided by wheels mounted instead of legs.

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It is noted that the responsibilities of the new police officers will patrol tourist spots and shopping centers. It also provides the function of answering questions, providing necessary information to tourists and fines. Developed policeman knows nine languages in which can communicate with people.

In addition, citizens will be able to tell them about the crimes, but the investigation will deal with real people. The model is endowed with the possibility of face recognition, which, unfortunately, recognizes them with an accuracy of about 80%. Video, which is removed by a robot and are automatically sent for analysis to the command center.

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Law enforcement noted that currently the developers are working on a new model that will be able to thoroughly perform all the duties of the police, but the right to bear arms new police will be deprived.

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