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In Donetsk, the militants recruit children in the cadets

В Донецке боевики набирают детей в кадетыIn the occupied city opened a “cadet school”.

In the occupied Donetsk, the militants have created cadet school. About this school parents were notified controlled by the enemy “authorities” of the city.

As told by the townspeople, the school was opened in school No. 4, which is located in the Kalinin district of Donetsk on the street Tauris. Now this is the “institution with in-depth training of military-sports orientation”.

“Parents were told that school starts September 1. Supposedly will be taught according to programs of primary General, basic General, secondary General education with profound study of specific subjects and specialized education of the military-sports orientation”, — said donchanka Nataliya.

However, the locals say, the influx of “cadet corps” is not experiencing the recruitment is ongoing due to the lack of students. In the “cadets” tout all children with 1 on 11 class, promising to provide them with food, clothing and medical care.

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