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In Donetsk recorded a dud MLRS Grad

В Донецке зафиксировали неразорвавшийся снаряд РСЗО ГрадAccording to the OSCE, the incident occurred in the Kiev district of Donetsk.

7 December in the Kiev area temporarily occupied Donetsk, observers noted an unexploded shell stuck in the asphalt. About it reports a press-service of the mission.

According to the assessment, it was the tail of the missiles reactive systems of volley fire (MLRS; BM-21 Grad 122 mm).

“On the street Stratonavtov in the Kiev district of Donetsk members of the patrol missions first saw a homemade sign warning about the danger of mines made from wooden column, to the top of which was attached a piece of red cloth”, – noted in press service.

In a residential district of the Kiev district of Donetsk, Avdiivka on the street, the team first saw the four pieces of unexploded ordnance, stuck in the ground. According to CMM, it was the drive section of missiles MLRS Grad.

From 8 PM to 9 PM Dec in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the mission noted a further increase in the number of violations of the cease-fire compared to the previous day.

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