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In “DNR” the front line of defense strengthened the military personnel of the Russian Federation

В «ДНР» передний край обороны усилили кадровыми военными РФUnder the Donetsk there were groups of Russian military that operate separately from mercenaries from Russia.

In some areas the line of the collision in the Donbass observed output in the first line of military personnel of the Russian army, mostly disguised as local militants. It is reported the summary of a group of military experts of Information resistance.

According to the agents IP is in the temporarily occupied territories of the East of the country, the Russian military displayed on “zero” whole units level platoon-company. In some areas these units operate with gangs of collaborators, alternately interleaved along the front line. According to the source, commanders of the invaders thus increases the stability of the defense due to the military personnel of the armed forces. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

An active regrouping of the opponent is recorded in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, trudovs’ka. Truck up to 10 trucks – at the forefront of deployed new units.

Around Donetsk, Spartak and Putylivka, the agents noticed the appearance of the military the armed forces. A small group of Russian military personnel of 10-15 people with one or two armored vehicles or trucks (often with heavy machine guns, AGS-17, mortars 2B9 Vasilek) avoid contact with local militants and mercenaries from Russia.

By shifting “mobilized DNR” invaders accumulate manpower on the site Funny-Spartak Yasinovatskiy area. At the same time among the militants involved in the fighting at the plant of the IAF to disseminate information about the decision of the leaders of the DNI to conduct offensive operations and “return promptly lost Avdeevka direction positions of Almaz, Almaz-1 and Almaz-2”. Most of the militants refers to the possibility that skepticism, says the Agency is.

In connection with the fighting in the area of Avdiivka and Yasynuvata interchange to the commanders of the troops of the DNR terrorist organization is making significant efforts to access communication equipment along the road E-50 in the area between Uglegorsk-Panteleymonovka and Batmanova: build the locomotive and defense units.

Also Russia never ceases to drive into the occupied part of Donetsk region ammunition and weapons. So, 10 cars with Bq to small arms, 120mm mortars and artillery guns arrived in Amvrosiyivka and Ilovaisk.

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