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In Denmark found the tools of the Vikings from thousands of years ago

В Дании нашли инструменты викингов тысячелетней давностиResearchers have found historical artifacts this summer in a mysterious circular fortress, Burgring.

In Denmark was found with a set of tools the Vikings.

The find includes a set of iron hand tools that can be used for ships and the Vikings ‘ houses, according to archaeologists.

The tools were found this summer in a mysterious, ring-shaped fortress in Borringe, on the island of Zealand. The famous Danish king Harald Bluetooth in the 10th century, believed to have ordered the construction of the fortress.

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So far archaeologists have found at least 14 of the iron tools within one field of the earth excavated from the building of the fortress. According to the researchers, leaving only traces of a wooden box that once held tools.

Iron was very valuable for the Vikings, and the researchers believe that the tools had once belonged to the craftsman, who worked in the premises of the fortress, until she collapsed in the late 10th century. Archaeologist Nanna Holm, curator of the Center of the castles of Denmark, which leads the excavations of the Fort in Borringe, said it was the first case when the entire set of tools was discovered in the workplace of the Vikings.

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“This is an unusual find. Not many of the tools found in Scandinavia, but others found this was reserved for the gods, being “buried” in the swamp,” said Holm of the journal Live Science.

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