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In Denmark, discovered a unique fortress of the Viking

В Дании обнаружили уникальную крепость времен викинговHe was found with the aid of images from space.

An ancient fortification became the sixth of his kind, and the second was found using images from space.

“We have been exploring the fortress and we have always been to them a lot of questions. Too it is not logical they were located, with great distances between the neighboring fortresses,” says Soren Sidbec, fellow of the University of Aarhus.

All of the fortress, says the researcher, was essentially similar. They were round, with a diameter of about 150-200 meters, had four strictly perpendicular to the entrance and two intersecting in the center of the street. Of residential buildings in the fortress were two long homes.

On average, they operated for 20-30 years. The new fortress was found on Zealand island. Her tracks were almost completely destroyed through the efforts of farmers. However, the world was able to find not only parts of buildings, but even the tools of the Vikings. The fortress dates from the time of king Harald Bluetooth, the first Christian ruler of Denmark. Found a fortress differs from the others primarily by the fact that people lived there not 20-30 years, and, as the researchers suggest, at least 100-150 years.

In addition, unlike the rest, fortification on Zealand partially destroyed, presumably Swedish or Norwegian Vikings.

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