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In Dagestan, security forces severely broke up the women and old men protesting against the construction

В Дагестане силовики жестко разогнали женщин и стариков, протестующих против строительст

In the Dagestani village Mausisa on Wednesday, clashes broke out between security forces and local residents. Security forces sent to disperse protesters against the construction of a conduit to the regional center the village of urkarakh due to the water source of the village Mausisa.

In social networks spread record time of acceleration: it is clear that the police are pushing women and the elderly of clay rubble. Women loudly shouting, but law enforcement is not stopping.

As informs RIA “Derbent”, on Thursday arrived at the village several several “Ural” with law enforcement officers and several police. They cordoned off the access to the site for construction.

The Chairman of the coordination Council of NGOs RD Shamil Ablaev according to local residents said that the project will deprive them of irrigation water and restrict cattle grazing, as through the territory of the settlement stretch of the canal. In addition, they are unhappy that the project was not coordinated with them.

The representative of the Ministry of Dagestan informed the Agency that the design of the facility began in 2011, and prior to commencement of works the project was coordinated with rural administration Mausisa and with local residents. The project will cost 108 million roubles, and should provide water to the district conditions, as well as villages Bouskri and Mausica.

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In Dagestan some kind of hell. Through one village decided to pull the pipe, although to ensure water is other wells of about the destination. People gathered gathering^ were opposed, and came to guard the territory through which runs the pipe, then began a special operation and beatings.

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