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In coffee there is a substance five hundred times stronger than vitamin C

В кофе есть вещество, в пятьсот раз сильнее витамина СThe secret of usefulness of coffee is disclosed.

Spanish scientists from the University of Granada under the leadership of Jose angel ENRESA found that coffee contains antioxidants, impact force of which is 500 times the power of vitamin C.

People often use coffee for cosmetic purposes, cleansing his face, also milled grains can soak the ground to fertilize house plants. You know that used coffee grounds are sent to landfills, where it is stored in large quantities, which, of course, can not affect the surrounding nature.

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Professionals looking for the scope of application of spent coffee. Researchers from Spain have been able to show strong antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of byproducts of coffee.

The experiments were conducted in rodents that have shown a sharp decline in hazardous oxidants. Scientists say that substances in coffee that can fight dangerous pathogens.

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In addition, they contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

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