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In cinemas of Russia and Belarus will show the original “Alien”

Terrible to say, but this year the iconic Alien kolmogorow forty years old! Someone that didn’t see it on the big screen, and not even born when the movie was released. Ridley Scott, a young Sigourney weaver, alien monster and the vast space, where no one can hear you scream… Soon it will all be back in cinemas.

In the spring in honor of the anniversary of “Alien” again will be released worldwide. And what is particularly pleasing: by us he will not pass. The guys from INOEKINO specializing in festival films and retrospective shows of world classics, will bring “Alien” to Russia and Belarus. Viewers will find the latest restoration of the film in 4K, the film will be screened in original language with Russian subtitles.

The number of cities and cinemas that will carry, is not specified. All in the process:

We will try to cover as many cities, and there will probably need your help. Because the most recent hire is always the cinema. Write in the comments about where you live, and we are gradually going to answer you and explain how you can afford to help us.

Be noted in the comments, you can here. Interested, don’t pass it by! How do we know that you will contribute to the emergence of a “Stranger” in your city.

The release of the film in Russia and Belarus will take place on 7 March 2019.

In the distant future, returning to Earth cargo spaceship intercepts outbound from an unknown planet unidentified signal. The crew, in accordance with the basic instructions required to find and explore the source of the signal. Once on the planet, the astronauts find anywhere unidentified objects shaped like giant cocoons.

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