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In Chrome you will see a new function

В Chrome появится новая функцияIn Chrome can instantly send pages to other devices.

A mobile version of Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS includes an interesting feature that allows you to send the current tab to the computer and instantly open it in Microsoft window Edge. It seems that the same feature, the developers plan to add to Google Chrome. This became known from the new commit in Chromium. It describes a feature called “self-share prototype” to send the current tab to itself. The description States that this feature allows the user to send a tab from your Android device to Google Chrome on synced computer.

Google Chrome already has the feature of synchronization of tabs between the connected devices, but “Self-share” can serve as an additional and more speedy method of sending the page from the mobile device to the computer. Instead of having to wait for synchronization of history and all tabs, you will immediately send the page in Chrome on a PC. Although more detailed information about this feature yet, we can assume that it will work exactly the same as in Edge. Users simply click on the submit button, to select the secondary computer and wait for the download page on the PC.

Self-share will be available on Android in the section experimental features flag in chrome://flags#enable-self-share. Although mentioned only Android, it is logical to conclude that the same opportunity will be available on the iOS version of Chrome. Will be very interesting to see how well it will work sending tabs between devices and to compare it with similar in Edge.

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