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In China unearthed a mysterious artifact

В Китае раскопали загадочный артефактScientists in China during the archaeological excavations found the ancient image of the famous philosopher Confucius, who lived 2.5 thousand years ago

Chinese archaeologists have found an unusual picture thinker Confucius, which is performed on the trellis.

The find, scientists have discovered during excavations on the territory of Jiangxi province in the tomb “failed the Emperor” Liu he. According to experts, ancient the find dates back to the first century BC.

The trellis is also inscribed with inscriptions that tell contemporaries about the life story of Confucius and his cherished sayings. All the experts were able to detect about two thousand characters. What exactly is written on the artifact experts are still not disclosed.

According to one of the archaeologists, the sayings of the philosopher helped the ruler of China to remain calm in stressful situations. This suggests that perhaps the image of Confucius was written by ancient mantras.

According to historians, the ruler of the Liu he was a complicated situation and after 27 days on the Imperial throne, deposed him. Just a month reign, would-be Emperor was charged with a long list of charges of 1127 points, among which there were “squandering of the Treasury” and “unrestrained revelry”. The last years of his life the former ruler Liu he spent in informal reference, driving one of the small principalities.

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