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In China opened a shelter for dogs in retirement. Photo

The place is open through the efforts of local dog handlers.

Chinese canine Bai Yan (Yan Bai) has captured the hearts of millions of Chinese: for seven years he has spent about 150 thousand dollars to the nursing home for dogs, where his “comrades in arms” could live out his Golden years in peace and quiet.

55-year-old Bai Yan is working as a dog handler since 2004, during that time he has trained about 30 dogs. Most of the time he spent with animals and have grown attached to them. Seeing my service dog, which was dismissed, he realized that he needed to do something.

A dog handler recently told Chinese media that prompted him to open a nursing home. Once he saw old service dog that the new owner completely abandoned. She was lying in mud, chained, and before it stood a bowl of spoiled food. Dogs-retirees often give the new owners, which before it absolutely not check.

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“I saw him, chained at the front door next to the bowl of dry leftovers. His fur was dirty and matted. I felt I had to act,” recalled Bai Yang.

Another deciding factor in the decision on the construction of the shelter was the refusal to heed the advice of a veterinarian to euthanize a dog with skin cancer. Instead of going that way, Ian was daily bathe a German shepherd Sonny to keep her condition under control. This experience made him come to the conclusion that old dogs, like people, need daily care.

In 2010, Bai Yan rented a plot of land on the hilly outskirts of Hangzhou, and turned it into a sanctuary for elderly dogs. Canine visited the dogs three times a day. He wakes up at 4 a.m. to have time to feed them Breakfast before going to work. Bai Yan he spends time with each dog separately, and yet every day he takes one of the former “colleagues” to work with him a little to entertain them.

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“I’m doing this to make their last years happy. We worked side by side for many years. They’re my family, and I will take care of them,” said Bai Yang.

“They are my “comrades in arms”. They get old, and I want to spend their last years in dignity,” added the handler. He not only spends with the dogs most of the time, but also spent seven years at about $ 150,000 for food and vet services. Some people offered him help and money, but Bai Yan refused, claiming that these dogs are his family and his responsibility.

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