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In China lost people with artificially altered DNA

В Китае потеряли людей с искусственно измененной ДНК The experiment went out of control.

Chinese scholars who edited the human genome, have lost touch with patients who have undergone through changes of DNA.

Some time ago, Chinese scientists announced that they had carried out the first successful attempts to edit the human genome. This statement raised concerns in the scientific community about the violations of the laws of ethics and undesirable consequences. After some time, another Chinese scientist made a statement that he “edited” DNA twin girls, thereby making them immune to the HIV virus.

The researchers emphasized that working on another child who is still in the womb. In both cases, was used for genome editing CRISPR, which was first described in 1987. It is argued that it gives an incredible opportunity to exclude a variety of hereditary diseases and defects.

However, working on this program, scientists from the University of California at Berkeley claim that the monitoring of people who have gone through the editing of the genome, are almost as important as the conduct itself of this procedure. And now it became known that the Chinese scientists could not carry out these observations, because they lost touch with their patients. Meanwhile, without these observations is difficult to make assumptions about how safe is editing of the genome, and how it affects human health because the level of knowledge about it is minimal.

Well, the Chinese government has ordered to suspend the operation of the entire medical team that took part in the process of editing the genome, now their activities are involved other scientists, and representatives of the police. At the same time, a group of prominent scientists from different countries of the world claims that the world is not yet ready for the birth of children with “edit” the genome. It is for the reason that scientists don’t know enough about what consequences this may cause.

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