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In China have found dinosaur eggs

В Китае нашли яйца динозавровThe radius of one egg is about 14 cm.

At the construction site in Southeast China found fossils, whose age is about 70 million years.

In Guangdong province in Sandstone at a depth of about eight feet found five eggs of dinosaurs. Scientists say that they sohranili from the end of the Cretaceous period.

“We found five eggs: three were destroyed, but their shells are still visible. The other two have their prints on the stone. The eggs were round in shape, they belonged to herbivorous dinosaurs,” – said the researcher Qiu Licheng of the Archaeological Institute of Guangdong.

The radius of one egg is about 14 cm, and eggshell thickness — 2 cm, But without further research finds it is impossible to say what exactly is meant extinct reptiles belonged to these eggs.

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