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In China, gave birth to an unusual kitten mutant. Video

В Китае родился необычный котенок-мутант. ВидеоIn China, a kitten was born with a congenital anomaly, called diprose

The kitten, according to Newsflare, died after 2 days. Animals with such a rare mutation, usually do not live long.

Niels Pedersen, Professor Emeritus in the School of veterinary medicine says that the cause is a damaged gene, which is responsible for a protein called “sonic Hedgehog”. Protein plays an important role in the embryonic development of the skull and extremities. It is named in honor of Sonic the Hedgehog from the famous video game. Previously discovered related proteins, were named after different species of hedgehogs because of their acute forms.

The opening of the protein sonic Hedgehog was around that time when a video game series about a Hedgehog’s adventures was at the peak of popularity in the United States.

Mutations in the protein sonic Hedgehog is partially responsible for the loss of limbs of those same snakes, for example. Such changes in the gene were associated with the evolutionary divergence between species.

In the case of the Chinese kitten, sonic the Hedgehog superexpression, that is, the body accumulates too much of this protein develops the disease, diprose.

Diprose is not only in cats, cases were recorded among pigs and chickens.

People diprose incredibly rare, about 1 in 15 million births. Like a poor kitten in China, most of the animals with diprosopus either are stillborn or die almost immediately after birth.

The most famous exception was the cats Frank and Louie, who lived for 15 years.

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