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In China, found the fossilized eggs of a dinosaur

В Китае найдены окаменелые яйца динозавраThe find was made near the city of Foshan.

In China working randomly found five fossilized dinosaur eggs, Dating back about 70 million years.

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This case occurred in the southern province of Guangdong. The radius of the egg is 13-14 cm and the thickness of the shell is 2 cm According to archaeologists, the discovery belongs to the late Cretaceous period. Eggs will be transferred Mangistau the Museum, which is located in Foshan city. After the find will be studied in detail, researchers can learn the peculiarities of the formation of the landscape, the climate change that happened in East Asia and southern China.

Scientists have learned that the ancestors of dinosaurs walked on chevreh legs. Outwardly, they vaguely resembled giant crocodiles, as their growth was 2-3 meters. When this animal had an elongated neck and tail.

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