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In China found a way of turning copper into gold

В Китае найден способ превращения меди в золотоModified copper is resistant to erosion.

The methodology changes the properties of copper to a state close to gold, was developed by the inventors from China’s Liaoning province. According to them, the new material can substitute gold production and thus will not be of interest to counterfeiters.

The authors of the study suggest to influence the copper is electrically charged and heated to a high temperature with argon. It will give the electrons of copper high density and stability that will lead to the transformation of metals and acquisition of new properties.

The inventors note that a modified copper is resistant to erosion, oxidation and high temperatures. It, in particular, can be used as catalyst for the production of alcohol from coal. Today for this precious metal, which increases the production costs, according to PlanetToday.

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