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In China found a mosquito the size of a human palm

В Китае нашли комара размером с человеческую ладошку The distance between the tips of the legs of diluted insect is 25.8 cm

The instance of a mosquito, which is stored in Zapadoceska the insect Museum in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is recognized as the largest in the world in this insect. This is evidenced by a certificate issued by the Guinness Book of records.

“… The mosquito known as Holorusia mikado, broke the world record. The sample has a wingspan of 11.15 cm Distance between his feet is 25.8 cm, ” – said in the message.

As noted, previous world “record holder” was the mosquito, which was described by the British naturalist mark Carwardine in his book Animal Records ( “Records of the animals”). The maximum distance between its front and hind legs reaches up to 23 cm.

Holorusia mikado, the largest species of mosquitoes, was first detected in Japan. According to entomologists, these giant mosquitoes don’t suck blood, but feed on flower nectar.

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