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In China called 10 foods for the healthiest Breakfast

В Китае назвали 10 продуктов для самых полезных завтраковBreakfast should be hearty, but not to influence negatively on your figure.

In the autumn and an overcast morning most people can’t easily get out of bed and even more so to feel a surge of strength and energy. Therefore, the Chinese nutritionists told what foods must include Breakfast, so he could cheer you up, but not to be overly high in calories.

These products must be present at the morning meal:

Oatmeal. Add to it the honey, fresh Apple and some almond nuts, it will be delicious and mega-useful.

Homemade muesli. Nutritionists do not recommend to use store-bought granola because they add sugar. But if the house to cook oat porridge with dried fruits, it will be much more.

Buckwheat porridge. The Chinese suggest to eat in the morning, buckwheat with milk.

Salad of seasonal fruits. Slice into a bowl pears, apples, citrus fruits and any others you have in your fridge. For dressing, use honey and lemon juice.

Vegetable salad with greens. Carbohydrates and fiber will do the trick, and if you dress a salad with olive oil, this dish will cleanse and rejuvenate your body from the inside.

Sandwich. Only healthy sandwich different from those to which many are accustomed. Instead of white bread use whole wheat, sausage, replace the boiled chicken. Add lettuce and fresh tomatoes to the sandwich turned out to be more useful.

Natural yogurt. Homemade yogurt does not contain dyes, additives and sugar, so a glass of this fermented milk drink good for your stomach and intestines will help to Wake up and will not allow to gain extra pounds.

Cheese. Not many can bring themselves to eat sour cottage cheese for Breakfast, but Chinese nutritionists recommend to eat in the morning it, but for a more pleasant taste, you should add honey and seasonal berries, which has useful properties.

The scrambled eggs. Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods that accommodate a maximum of useful substances, in this regard, experts suggest at Breakfast to cook eggs. The dish wasn’t boring, add in scrambled eggs and vegetables.

Banana pancake. For their preparation you will need some flour, one banana and a pinch of baking soda. Fry the pancakes in a nonstick pan without oil. Thus they are simultaneously nutritious and low-calorie. For the sweet tooth is a great Breakfast option. Drink them green tea with honey.

This Breakfast will fill your body with energy until lunch and you will not feel hunger, but, most importantly, recover from these foods, eaten in the morning almost impossible.

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