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In China began production of biodegradable plastic

В Китае приступили к производству биоразлагаемого пластикаIn China addressed the problem of plastic.

China has started mass production of biodegradable plastic created on the basis of carbon dioxide, i.e. carbon dioxide.

This was reported in the Changchun Institute of applied chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Carbon dioxide refers to the greenhouse gases but, however, cheap carbon resources. Bacteria biodegradable plastic based on carbon dioxide is not only environmental safety, but also efficiency.

Researchers of the Institute started the research of biological materials on the basis of carbon dioxide in 1997. Currently, the production of a new kind of biodegradable plastic is 50 thousand tons per year.

“To create biodegradable materials based on carbon dioxide theoretically not difficult, the difficulty is to develop a highly active catalyst for the synthesis of high molecular materials and optimization of their quality provided that cost reduction,” – said senior researcher of the Institute van Sangun.

Van Sangun with colleagues completed the technological process of production of new material in 2014. During development professionals have obtained patents both in China and in Japan and the United States.

New polymer was reported to be used for the manufacture of packages, packaging materials and agricultural films. In particular, the Chinese Academy of agricultural Sciences for four consecutive years, testing a biodegradable film.

“If the volume of production of a new type of plastic will reach 300 thousand tons per year, then its cost will further decline,” said Wang Sanchun.

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