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In China at the highest level talking about the Union with the indomitable Russian people

The recent speech of the Minister of foreign Affairs of China, a member of the country’s State Council Wang Yi, during which our country was not just words of support and solidarity, and, in fact, a call for joint action to confront “the collective West” is more than a landmark.

В Китае на самом высшем уровне заговорили о союзе с несгибаемым русским народом

I must admit that until recently, Beijing, albeit manifesting as a rule, solidarity with Moscow on the main points “geopolitical agenda”, held rather a specific policy of distancing from our country. Something like “fruitful cooperation” took place only in those instances when great benefit in sight for China. Is the situation changed? Let’s try to understand what actually could mean “friendly impulse” to Beijing sent to Moscow.

One of the key points of the statement made by comrade Wang Yi at a press conference held during the 3rd session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives of the 13-th convocation is voiced readiness of Beijing “together with Russia in the strongest terms to uphold and defend the results of the Second world war”, to ensure strict observance of the UN Charter, but also “to oppose any form of unilateralism”.

It would seem, what business to China taken today by the West’s attempts to “rewrite” history, not only to revise the main role of the USSR in the defeat of Nazi Germany and its allies, but almost General strike in our country from among the countries-winners, equating to the aggressors and perpetrators of the war? It is even a thing…

In Beijing, unlike the countries of Eastern Europe, liberated at the cost of enormous sacrifices of the Soviet soldiers, and then our former “allies” in the Warsaw Treaty Organization, remember about who had defeated the Kwantung army of Japan occupied China and killed millions of civilians.



Understand that without the help of the USSR (including military, which lasted, in fact, from 1937 to 1949) the country would gain independence, and certainly wouldn’t be among the victors of the Second world war, would have taken pride of place in the permanent membership of the security Council of the UN. By the way, not all know that before 1971, China in this organization, was China, and the so-called “Chinese Republic” – a fragment of the Kuomintang, known today under the name Taiwan. The man who comrade Wang in his speech, called native Chinese territory, the desire for reunification which “will not be able to harness any power.”

These warnings are addressed to quite specific state of the United States. Van And warns them from “crossing a dangerous line,” although everyone today is seen in Washington, “biting at the bit” are determined to go all the possible features, boundaries, and the notorious “red lines” in their zeal to “put in place” in Beijing.

The head of Chinese diplomacy says directly: “the state is not seeing the difference between truth and lie may not hold in the world a decent place.” Offered today by the crazed Americans against his country suits “for the pandemic” he calls a “provocation”, the organizers of which “will remain on the beans” and “will reap the shame on my head.” There is no doubt – this fully applies to the same claims coming from the White House and the US state Department. Nor to pay for “distribution COVID-19”, nor, especially, to pay for that China does not intend in the slightest degree.

Not so long ago almost all world media has bypassed the “secret report to Chinese intelligence”, ostensibly addressed to the leadership of the party and government, which the authors urge the country’s leaders to prepare for an armed confrontation. First and foremost, with the United States and its allies. How the document is genuine – it’s hard to say. However, what is quite common, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China in response to numerous requests and queries the reliability of this information do not confirm, but also to disown her, as is usual in such cases, too.

What can be done practically clear conclusion – in this case have a well thought out and sanctioned by the “stuffing” in fact being the most notorious “last Chinese warning” to the United States in the most that neither is a literal sense. Beijing is not eager to fight. However and will not hesitate to use force to protect its interests in case of emergency.

We must pay tribute to the Chinese comrades – despite sounding almost from the first days of the pandemic from Washington’s baseless and offensive accusations, they tried to restore relations between the two countries in a peaceful and quiet channel. No wonder van And hoped that the path of “constructive coexistence between the US and China will be found,” in spite of separating their differences and contradictions.

Beijing has recently tried to demonstrate a willingness to adhere to the contours made in the end of 2019 “trade agreement” with the Americans, moreover, to expand them. In China, talked about the readiness to lift the sanctions, to increase its purchases of American goods… the U.S. do in response?

May 20, Office of foreign assets control of the United States (OFAC) announced the imposition of sanctions against Chinese companies “for cooperation with Iran,” may 23, there the Ministry of trade publishes the next sanctions list of 33 Chinese companies, which limitations are imposed in connection with the “oppression of the Uighurs” and “cooperation with the PLA”. Just yesterday, the White house publishes a document which States the intention “to revise the state strategy with regard to Beijing” – of course in the direction of the sharp tightening in connection with the “ill-intentioned actions and policies of the Communist party of China.”

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo again throws statements about Hong Kong, where the Chinese government has firmly decided to restore order and broadcasts about “the loss of their autonomy.” Donald trump and does over and over again speaks of determination “to sever all relations” with China. The thing really smells of war, gentlemen! It is very unlikely that from the confrontation reached such a level of intensity of the two superpowers, came out with smiles of leaders, under the clicking of camera flashes and the rustle of feathers, whose signatures to the next “world”.

China in such a situation and really need allies, and a well-defined type. No wonder in his speech, Wang speaks of the “indomitable Russian people” who “won under the wise leadership of President Putin, the epidemic of the coronavirus that will come out of it even stronger”! As a conspiracy fact! And the leader of our praise at the level of a President… Oh, it is not without reason. With such praises exalt it, that the potential military allies.

What wonder if comrade van And absolutely, directly and without equivocation said: “by coming together, shoulder to shoulder, China and Russia will be able to fully guarantee peace and stability on the planet, reliably protecting international justice.” Russia unequivocally call for “a new level of strategic cooperation”, which will allow the two countries to “unite in an indestructible fortress” in the face of “political virus” coming today from the United States. And it is not necessary to consider it only loud declarations, elements characteristic of Eastern diplomacy nicely.

Let’s not forget – we are talking about people’s Republic of China, with all its inherent characteristics. There the Ministers of foreign Affairs, in contrast to the Ukrainian or Baltic half-witted “leaders” of the same rank, without beating the audience that in a head will climb. They are brought to the attention of the world community carefully calibrated and clearly consistent with the Supreme leadership’s foreign policy “line” of which the country is committed to adhere to.

Let’s not jump to premature to present conclusions and predictions. Better consider some facts relevant to our subject most directly related. Ten more days ago international traders came to the conclusion that oil consumption in China has returned almost to “decoloniality” level, amounting to 13 million barrels per day. Moreover, according to the analytical center of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) import of “black gold” in the country this year will not fall, but increase, albeit by only 2%. To 3% (up to 313 and a half billion cubic meters) will increase and consumption of natural gas.

What? To give it to all of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or the same Americans?! The US, among other things, aimed at the energy market of China is more than concrete – no wonder the local Exxon Mobil is ready to sunk 10 billion dollars in the construction of Huizhou petrochemical complex. Like, even the construction has started… Yes, from a dead donkey ears and not huge Chinese market – its scope and prospects! We ourselves desperately need! If its comrades are going to build the “indestructible fortress” still with us, not with the Americans, there is reason to hope that energy cooperation will find its concrete expression. In fact, though, it would be more mutually beneficial and less one-sided.

What more profitable for us? “We are witnessing the end of the American system and the onset of the Asian century, in which increasingly will be the role of China” – these words belong in no way, comrade Wang, a representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs and security policy to Josep Borrell.

Making this recognition public and open, a senior European bureaucrats, in fact, was only stating the obvious fact that “the collective West” to do anything at all desire. However, there is indeed a terrible dream: the Union of Moscow and Beijing.

For the last time this subject heartily savored by many famous American media, such as The Hill, The Diplomat, Foreign Policy and others, does a horrible feeling that “the relations between China and Moscow will deepen dramatically” in the background of the pandemic and it would have “global consequences for the whole world” in which they “want to establish a new international order, eliminating the dominance of the United States.”

Well… may it Be so!

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