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In China accidentally found dinosaur fossils

В Китае случайно найдены окаменелости динозавраPaleontologist Steve Brusatte of Edinburgha University in Scotland said that investigated the fossils of an unknown dinosaur, which I found by accident working

Details of the scientific work published on the pages of specialized publications Scientific Reports. Unknown fossil discovered by workmen during the construction of the school near the Ganchzhou.

As said the scientist, discovery provides information for a more complete understanding of dinosaur evolution on the eve of extinction. The scientific name of the dinosaur sounds like Tongtianlong, and “for eyes” the experts call it “Mud Dragon”. Experts suggest large concentration dinosaur with a toothless beak and a domed crest on the head ate nuts, seeds, shellfish, plants and a small amount of meat.

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Once he is mired in the mud and the attempts to escape did not succeed, because of what was lost. Paleontologists believe that the dinosaur’s beak was a significant step of evolution.

Opening Tongtianlong and five other species of oviraptorosaurs in southern China confirmed that this group of dinosaurs flourished for several million years before the asteroid 66 million years ago, which became the cause of the destruction of prehistoric dinosaurs.

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