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In China, a man sold his son to pay off debts

В Китае мужчина продал сына, чтобы расплатиться с долгамиChinese man sold his son’s mistress for the repayment of debt of the wife.

In China, appeared in court a man accused of selling their child. According to investigators, the attacker got rid of the son that he gave birth to mistress.

The money the man was going to spend on the repayment of the debt taken his lawful wife.

On the dock was a 34-year-old man surnamed Chen, living in Wenzhou city of Zhejiang province. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The suspect is married, and in 2012 he was born in lawful wedlock son, says Sina. However, the head of the family did not like that the child received the name in honor of his mother’s family.

Chen was a successful business. And after a while the businessman has a mistress in Jiangxi province. The woman surnamed Huang gave birth to another son in 2014, named in honor of his father.

In the future, Chen began financial problems. The businessman has closed many of its stores. The family got into debt.

The lack of money pushed Chen to the conclusion that now he can no longer contain the two sons at the same time. The man decided to give the youngest child in a foster family, but the mistress of the businessman opposed this.

In October 2016, the penniless wife of a businessman had attempted suicide after many requests to bring back the family’s debts. Then the man via the Internet was sold for 44 thousand yuan (6.4 thousand dollars) a son, who bore for him a mistress. Of this amount, half he gave to his wife on repayment of debts hanging on it. Other money the entrepreneur himself.

Later, the police returned sold the boy’s mother, and Chen appeared in court on charges of selling the child.

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