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In Chernobyl, told about the peculiarities of tourism in the exclusion zone

В Чернобыле рассказали об особенностях туризма в зону отчужденияSubject to the rules of radiation is not dangerous.

Last year the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl NPP was visited by about 50 thousand people, of which 70% are foreigners, and this year even more people will come.

This was stated by the Chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine on exclusion zone management (GAS) Vitaliy Petruk.

“The increase in interest among citizens to visit the area was to us somewhat surprising. Last year was a record – about 50 thousand visitors. This year it is already possible to say that there will be more”, – he said.

The head GAS said that in the case of the exclusion zone is better to speak not about the tourists and the visitors: “I would not say that about the tourists or the travel direction. Still, this is a restricted area, potentially dangerous for such an ordinary tourism. We call these people visitors.”

Petruk noted that according to the statistics of Chernobyl – one of the main objects of the target of interest for foreign tourists in Ukraine. “I mean, there are people coming to Ukraine to see Chernobyl. So, how specifically are going to see lions and specially come to see the Chernobyl”, he said.

According to him, currently the Agency is actively working to improve infrastructure to visit the area was comfortable. For example, in early October, at the checkpoint “Dityatki” the scheduled opening of the information centre for visitors.

“Regarding the hotels, restaurants, then it is not a state, and business. But it is evolving. Please note that the village of Ivankiv – there are great food, we even recommend its guests to visit a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine. It should be understood that we are not an Agency that provides travel services. We just provide the opportunity for compliance with radiation safety rules and rules of conduct in the exclusion zone, to visit the area and meet the demand faced. And travel companies, businesses are already looking for visitors, bring, service,” – said the head of the GAS.

He also assured that in compliance with the rules of conduct in the exclusion zone no radiation hazard to visitors there.

Petruk said that after the establishment of the Chernobyl radiation-ecological biosphere reserve, which includes 80% of the area, this area will be developed as a nature reserve with limited access for people. The remaining zones, the areas close to Chernobyl is the territory of the special industrial use. The legislative basis for the development of the exclusion zone in such planes, the Agency is already in place, the government supported and relevant projects are in the Verkhovna Rada.

“According to experts, the nature in the exclusion zone has returned to the state it was in 200 years ago. Even to the creation of the biosphere reserve human impact there were only about 5-7% of the territory, the rest of the area belonged to itself and developed its processes,” said Petruk.

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