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In Chernihiv guy tortured 80-year-old grandmother. Video

На Черниговщине парень пытал 80-летнюю бабушку. ВидеоThe attacker, police arrested during the day.

In the Chernigov area the guy was tortured 80-year-old grandmother – demanded money and jewelry. Saved the old villagers.

The young man turned to Nina, Lutaenko and said he was a friend of her grandson. When the woman invited him into the house – suddenly attacked. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Towel on the face and began to beat. Was beaten in the head. Well, I feel that I lost consciousness. And as the fell on the left side, it seemed to me that I began to choke it with a towel – I consciousness, hear, lose,” says Nina Lutaenko affected.

When the old lady woke up, the intruder ransacked the house. Seeing that the woman came to consciousness – was threatened with a knife and began to torture – where she keeps her savings.

“My purse was 450 USD. I give him this purse. He pulled out the money,” continued the woman.

The malefactor took away money and a mobile phone. At this moment the yard was approached by neighbors of the woman. The attacker started to run away. The villagers called the police.

“I called the duty Manager who asked that they promptly arrived to detain him in hot pursuit, until he ran away. The police after 15 minutes was already in place”, – said Mykola Tarasenko, rural Chairman.

“He did not sit down on public transport and went to the fields, hiding their tracks. Weather conditions not given the opportunity to pursue it and the traces did not indicate where he went,” – said Ruslan Craigmiles, head of Priluki police Department.

The robber, the police detained during the day. His quest attracted foresters, who are well versed on the ground. An attacker confessed to the crime.

– Tell me why you committed this crime?

– Money wanted wanted to eat. Had to go to the grandmother. Knew grandmother alone. Repent of the crime.

The police started criminal proceedings under article “robbery with penetration into housing.” The attacker can be imprisoned for 12 years.

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