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In Cherkassy region saw poisonous spiders from the Crimea

На Черкасчине видели ядовитых пауков из КрымаThe venom of this spider is unable to kill a man.

In Cherkassy region there were dangerous insects, which in this area was not. Poisonous Argiope spider, or spider-wasp seen in Cherkasy and Kanivshchyna. He used to live only in the South and in the Crimea.

“At first I was glad that he eats Colorado potato beetles! But it turns out, this beauty is one of three poisonous spiders of Ukraine”, — wrote in “Facebook” cherkaschenko Tatiana Kovalchuk and suggested that the spider came to them because of global warming. Poison Argiope not fatal for humans, but the bite is very painful, and may form an abscess.

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