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In “CARO” will be showing the best films of the festival “Esperanza”

Festival “Experance”, held in Moscow in August, together with a network of cinemas “Karo” will release on the screens of the four best paintings of the show: it’s the films became prize-winners of film festivals of a class “A” – Tokyo, Cannes, and “Sundance”. Screenings will take place in the framework of the special program “KARO.Art” focused on films beyond the mainstream.

In “CARO” will be showing the best films of the festival “Esperanza”

“Esperanza” – festival of popular films that reveal the social and life problems. The program review is prepared in such a way as to cover the interests of the widest possible audience. The distribution of four of the best films of the past this year the festival involves the screening in 60 cities of Russia: start of the shows scheduled for November 2016. You can buy tickets now.

“Nahid”the Main character of this picture – Nahid – lives with his ten year old son on the shore of the Caspian sea. According to local laws, after a divorce, the children remain with the father, but the woman managed to negotiate with her ex-husband was a drug addict and a bum. He allowed the boy to continue to live with her mother, but now Nahid will no longer be able to marry. Soon, the woman meets a man falls in love – he wants her for his wife. To know when ex-husband of the main character, he takes his son to him.

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Trailer for “Nahid”

“Paulina”Pauline had a career ahead as a brilliant lawyer, but she decided to abandon this perspective. The main character leaves her fiance and a loving father, an influential judge and embarks on a journey to Argentina to devote itself to education of civic awareness among the local youth. In the homeless area on the Paulina attacked by a gang consisting of her students.

The trailer of the film “Paulina”

“Fishing without nets”a Young man that He is a loving husband and father makes a living fishing. To raise money for a comfortable life, Abdi decides to take up piracy: with other pirates he was sent to sea, where they seize a French oil tanker. Waiting for a huge ransom, the young man met with one of the hostages, and strikes up friendly relations with him. When some colleagues of Abdi decide to apply to the captives the power, the main character is forced to make a decision that will determine his fate.

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Trailer for “Fishing without nets”

“The bottom – heart of madness”At the heart of this Brazilian tape based on real events. The story is set in 1944 in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, where he lives and works as a psychiatrist Nisa da Silveira, which is destined to change ideas about psychiatry. Woman injects its own method of working with mentally ill people – she doesn’t suppress the feelings and desires of his patients, while his colleagues resort to violence and electroshock.

Movie trailer “the Bottom – heart of madness”

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