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In Canada, scientists have discovered a unique find

В Канаде ученые обнаружили уникальную находкуScientists have found the remains of arthropod aged half a billion years.

In Canada, scientists-paleontologists were able to find the remains of a fossilized animal’s age, exceeding half a billion years. It was called Tokumnia katalepsis on behalf of the provinces, which was able to detect it.

It exceeded 10 centimeters (for that era it was a real giant). The centipede lived in the water, able to burrow in the sand, walk along the bottom and swim to the surface to breathe through an airway on their hind legs. Had protruded eyes (like snails), and the second segment of the body has developed a pair of jaws and huge claws for gripping and tearing prey for later eating. The body of an ancient being from the top was protected by a powerful bivalve shell, which gave the opportunity to defend themselves against more powerful predators. Ate this crab creature with 50 legs spineless creatures of the deep (mostly worms).

Previously, scientists came to the conclusion that the Earth was a “Paradise” period of development of living organisms when predators were absent, all missing nutrients to build their bodies. But the coming cold snap has led to enormous competition for food, which led to the mass development of parasites and predators, which selects the stored energy from other creatures, which in turn allowed in a competitive environment to create all the specialized diversity of living creatures, including humans.

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